Tax Services

Tax Services

Overall tax liabilities are a key factor in making a business decision. Prior to any business action, tax effects are calculated with utmost the precision; in formulating business strategy, overall tax planning is necessary.

The executives of Global Advisory Tax Solutions S.A., draw on their extensive experience to provide specialized tax advisory services, tailored to the needs of each client in the global economic context. Our company is able to propose realistic solutions r to companies based in Greece or to companies involved in cross-border transactions.

Our experienced personnel, in collaboration with a team of external partners, provide expert tax advice. Moreover, in collaboration with the international network, we are able to offer assistance regarding any international tax issue that may arise.

Tax advisory services regarding the following practice:

  • Taxation of Income tax of legal persons and entities (Greek Law, Double Tax Treaties, European Law).
  • Intra-group transactions / transfer pricing (Tax effects analysis, Alternative Solutions, Infringements / Fines).
  • Company Transformations (Mergers, Divisions, Spin-offs, Acquisitions).
  • VAT (Violations, Reimbursements/Rebates)
  • Tax Incentives
  • Stamp Duty Tax
  • Taxation of shipping companies
  • Greek Accounting Standards

Assistance in matters of compliance with current tax legislation:

  • Intra-group Transactions / Transfer Pricing Documentation
  • Real Estate Statements (E9) regarding the applicable real property tax
  • Overview of income tax returns of legal persons and entities
  • Overview of withholding tax returns

Tax Due Diligence:

  • Review of all documents related to the auditing of anytax liability.
  • Calculation of possible tax liabilities.
  • Timely detection of potential tax issues and proposals how address them.
  • Reporting of tax liabilities and their potential impact.

Tax audits:

  • Preparation for tax audit
  • Support during tax audit
  • Proposals to address tax issues
  • Calculation of tax charges
  • Administrative recourses

Reimbursement of unduly paid taxes (income tax, VAT, taxes withheld, etc.).

Tax planning – Tax consulting services in a broader tax planning context.

Preparation, submission and monitoring of official queries to the Ministry of Finance in regard to the above issues.