More than just numbers…

Our services are based on non-negotiable, timeless values. Our vision is not just theoretical, but is implemented daily in our communication with our partners, our commitment to providing high-level services and the credibility in all our advisory services.


Where there is a problem, we are on spot to find solutions! Promptly, accurately and with the support of the experts of Global Advisory Tax Solutions S.A..


The company’s size is irrelevant. For us, every company is a living organism that with proper customized support grows and excels!


In a difficult economic environment, every company seeks, and should seek, realistic suggestions and practical solutions.


Always being updated with the new provisions, readjusting to the new circumstances and developing as individuals are the main operating values of our company.

We render high-level, value-adding services to local and international clients from a wide range of audit, accounting, consulting and other business services by closely monitoring current issues as well as clearly identifying future challenges. Our daily communication with our partners and our frequent update on all issues affecting their business activities are key factors for a healthy cooperation.
Our advantage is based on our deep knowledge and long experience, which allows us to fully understand our clients’ needs and introduce innovative solutions and suggestions at competitive prices. In this regard, we use the latest technologies (software, hardware, methodologies, communications etc.) in order to serve our clients needs as well as to plan and modernize their operations.