Consulting Services

The executives of Global Advisory Tax Solutions S.A. tailor actions plans specifically to meet your goals. Together we make thoughts and ideas … real, with viable suggestions and solutions, understanding the need to minimize daily costs and providing advices on the development of your company.

Consulting services nowadays are even more important than ever nowadays for the successful implementation of business and operational strategies. Through a comprehensive range of consulting services, we are able to identify strengths and weaknesses and propose direct and effective solutions, with the ultimate aim of maximizing corporate value.

Capital Restructuring – Cost Management

The recessionary environment coupled with declining sales, rising debt to suppliers, banks, the Greek State, the lack of funding and the simultaneous refusal of banks to grant new loans are a daily routine for businesses today.

In this context, the Capital Restructuring – Cost Management service is framed by a series of tools (financial and management) for the successful development of cooperation between the company and the bank or any other financial institution in order to save the company and improve its Cash Flow.

The work of this service includes the following:

a) Development of a detailed prospectus and planning/drafting of a business plan.

b) Restructuring of the company’s activities with the aim of operating sustainable assets.

c) Presentation of the specific financial plan that could be handled by the company.

d) Negotiations with banks.

e) Contacts/communications with financial schemes – investors who could strengthen the capital structure of the company.

f) Follow-up of the company’s performance/development from the side of the bank or the company itself.

Business Organization and Strategy

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Training seminars on IFRS
  • Available Cash Increase/Cash Flow Improvement
  • Company Conversion
  • Spin-offs
  • Business Plans

Restructuring and Reorganization of Companies

  • Feasibility Study
  • Planning and Support for Budgeting and Information Systems

Corporate Finance

        • Due diligences
        • Assessments/Evaluations
        • Support of acquisitions and sales
        • Company Mergers
        • Business Finance

      Valuation of Companies, Valuation of intangibles assets, Budget – Financial Models & Reporting, Cash Flow Management

          • Business Consulting

      Strategic Planning, Business Plan, Systems – Procedures – Policies, Management Information Systems

            • Risk Management Services

      Internal Audit, Information Systems Security, Corporate Governance, Systems Evaluation E.U.

              • Specialized Services

      Restructuring – Cost Management, Family Businesses – Management, Strategic and Operational Restructuring, Funding – Acquisitions / Mergers