Payroll Services – HR

Payroll Services – HR

The experience of Global Advisory Tax Solutions S.A. executives in labor, tax and social security issues, guarantees flawless payroll management, directly and with confidence, relieving the company from this time-consuming process, while providing timely information on any change in Labor and Insurance Law.

In particular, the services offered are:

Collection and Processing of all data for Payroll purposes

Preparation and delivery of Loans and Deductions Statements

Preparation of Payroll statements in any format required

Preparation of Payroll statements in any format required

Issuance of social security clearance certificate, per request

Payroll Budget

Preparation of Social Security Contributions

Reimbursement of employer’s contribution in vocational training programs, organised by the Manpower Employment Organization

Payroll calculation

Accounting Articles on Provisions, Bonuses and Allowances and any other benefit to employee benefit

Preparation of end of year certificates per employee – pensioner

Preparation, printing and e-delivery of payslips per payroll employee , with analytical dreakdown of remunerations – deductions

Drafting and e-submission of Analytical Periodic Statements (APS) to the Social Security Funds and other mandatory or supplementary Funds

Issuance and e-delivery (to your Accounting department) of the provisional Payroll Tax Return (monthly or bimonthly basis)

Preparation and submission of Final Payroll Tax Return

Preparation and submission of XML file for submission to “ERGANI” Information System (Hellenic Labour Inspectorate and Manpower Employment Organization) of annual staff regulations, new recruitments and retirements or modifying programs

Additionally, we provide the following services: