Real estate property services

E-identity of Real Property – Real Property Services

Global Advisory Tax Solutions S.A. introduces the following specialized services regarding real property management for individuals and legal entities, banking institutions and insurance companies:


How we may be of assistance:

Creation of e-file for each real property. The file includes all required documentation regarding the transfer of real property updated as needed.

Real property returns (E9 document) – Real property tax (ENFIA), calculation of fair market value, exportation of calculation sheets utilizing specialized software.

Proposals to alleviate any hindrances / faults and negotiating specific issues in order to secure the transferability of the property (regarding technical issues the assistance of civil engineers may be required).

Collaboration with civil engineersregarding required actions for compliance issues.

Review of all documents / certificationsrelating to the real property.

Pinpointing particular issuesof legal or technical nature that may burden a specific property based on the provided documentation.

Classification of propertiesaccording to the degree of difficulty in transferring (no difficulty, moderate difficulty, non – transferable).

Cadastral Offices Applications, amendments, motions before competent